Hiboy Max3 Electric Scooter Review

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

If you are looking to beat the early morning stressors of morning commutes, then there are a plethora of options waiting for you.

E-scooters provide that perfect solution for that “last-mile” headache, where there seems to be just a tad too much distance between you and your destination, with traffic lurking around every side street and thoroughfare.

Hiboy Max3 Electric Scooter Review

And walking? Forget about it!

Well, with a host of competing e-scooter products, it presents a fortunate dilemma — having a host of options but having to weed out the winners from the losers.

Well, that is where we come in.

Welcome back! Today, we are going to be diving into one option that can take you that last mile, so that you can get out of traffic, and get on with your memories.

Hiboy breaking on the scene

With their breaking onto the scooter scene, Hiboy has managed to build an impressive catalog of 11 scooter models.

But with each model serving different purposes, it can be hard to suss out the best option for you.

The newest model

The newest model — the Max3 — fits the bill with an economic price point to complement its impressive feature list.

So, fly head-on into how the Hiboy Max3 Electric Scooter could be your solution for your commuting woes.

Hiboy Max3 Electric Scooter


Let’s not beat around the bush here. The reason why we all gravitate towards something is how it inflates our ego. It’s why the strong roar of an engine puffs out the chests of men and makes women swoon.

While the Hiboy Max3 will not make your long-lost lover fall back into your arms, it will make you stand strong and proud when you take to the streets.


It packs a powerful 350W rear motor with an 18.6 mph speed, separated into three different speed modes:

  • Beginner: 9mph
  • Intermediate: 15mph
  • Expert: 18.6 mph

Hiboy Max3 Power and speed

In this model, you have a competitive power that can hold up against pricier models.

Up hill capability

Yet, there is an issue at play here, especially if you live in a hilly locale. You see, the Max3 can climb a maximum hill grade of 15%. But that comes with a little caveat:

Passengers weighing at least 200 pounds push the limits of the scooter when laboring up steep hills.

And it will be labor…

  • Even at grades of 12%, the scooter might be pushing only 3mph.

Also, the power does seem to drop rather rapidly once the charge hovers in its lower 25% range. So if you’re looking to venture out onto longer rides, be sure to roll out with a full charge.

But with a range of 17 miles, you should feel confident that you are within reach of all of your local hotspots — so that you can make the city your oyster!

So stop chugging, start flying, and start boasting. And look good while doing it.

Scooter Design

I mean, it looks really good.

The sleek, black design of the Max3 will make sure that your style matches the speed on hand.

The wide standing deck ensures that your posture is safe and secure, while the rubber grips allow you to maneuver and turn with comfort.

Hiboy Max3 Electric Scooter design

The length of the standing deck can be a little tight for those riders with larger “kicks”, but the width compensates for those larger shoe sizes.

The design falls a little when it comes to the plastic materials that cover most of the outer area, so on closer inspection that sleek look starts to lose its luster.

But aside from some minor nitpicks, comfort and design go hand in hand with the Max3.

Safety Features

The braking system features e-braking and disc braking so that you can stop with ease when confronted with a sudden dog leaping out in front of you.

And do you have a long commute ahead of you? I know what you are thinking — do I have to keep my hand on the acceleration button?

Erase that nagging feeling with the built-in cruise control, so that you can obliterate that hand fatigue and arrive at your office feeling fresh and relaxed.

And should night fears plague your mind, the Hiboy Max3 can ease your worries with its integrated lighting system, allowing you to tackle any evening ride safely.

But what about the most vital part of any scooter, or any vehicle for that matter:

The tires…


The Max3 features wide, 10-inch pneumatic tires, which are adapted to handle off-road areas. That is a huge comfort because that means that they can adapt to a wide range of surfaces.

Hiboy Max3 tires

While you should not be voyaging out into the rocky mountains with any e-scooter, you can safely tackle any side street or poorly paved surface that lurks underneath your tires, especially in the darkness of night.

But should you wish to venture onto dirt paths to reach your office location quicker, then the Max3 has got your back!

Each tire is reinforced with dual-density layers, which shields you from punctures, and keeps your mind free from worries as you feel that breeze in your hair.

The only issue with pneumatic tires is that they are air-filled, which means they are hard when filled to the max, making stopping on a dime nearly impossible.

Just a little word for the wise:

When it’s winter or wet, be sure to deflate your tires just a little so that they can grab the surface easier.

But this is a common issue that plagues all tires, so it is hard to fault the e-scooter for this.

That aside, each tire is reinforced with dual-density layers, which shields you from punctures as you whip along in your travels.


The folding frame allows for you to carry your new scooter with you into your office, on the bus, or anywhere in your travels, allowing you to store it into compact spaces, and out of the prying eyes of those looking to target lonely property hanging out in the front of the building.

Hiboy Max3 Frame

This swift folding process can be done in one step so that you can transition from scootering to confident strutting in a flash.

Aside from its convenient folding mechanism, it comes backed by a high-grade aluminum alloy material, which gifts you a strong, yet lightweight frame that will weather all sorts of climates.

So you can make your scooter ferry you to destinations for years to come, without any damage.


Bang For Your Buck!

Tagged with a price of $539.99, you are getting the speed and power of pricier models, with the comfort and design that matches.

There are some faults, such as some plastic material on the outside, and the lack of power at higher hill grades/lower battery levels.

But these are minor nitpicks compared to the overall value that you get in this latest, stellar entry in the Hiboy series.

So jump out into those streets, and start owning your city!