Scooter Alarms

If you wish to leave your scooter outside for a longer period of times there are plenty of alarms to protect your scooter from being stolen. Many companies have added high-technologies locks and safeguards to prevent their customers from being stolen. They are made of strong unbreakable materials. There are many ways to protect your eScooter: locks, alarms, cable locks and other systems.

In this section we will list our current top alarm which is incredibly cheap for it’s value

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1. Onvian Bike Alarm with Remote, Wireless Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm

  • Brand: Onvian
  • Maximum Range: 20 Meters
  • Noise Level: 113 dB
  • Wireless Remote: Yes

Let’s start with the price: It’s amazing at only 17.99$!!

The motion detection works really well. You can adjust the sensitivity level to your liking. Adding it to your scooter is easy with the multi-sided tape and zip-ties which are provided. At 113dB it is loud enough to give a great alert to people around it or in the distance.

It will also automatically alarm for help when you fall down by accident and the bikes is inclined more than 45 degrees.