Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Often time we get asked “Are electric scooters safe”?

Even though E Scooters look and feel simple to use, they are actually not free from hazards. Generally speaking, they lack some safety features that other small vehicles might have which can protect people in many different situations.

Therefore, we need to take the right measures to ensure that we are safe at a all times!

Let’s take a look how..

Protective gear

Wearing protective gear should always be priority top number one!

Wear at least a helmet as a minimum, we also recommend using knee and elbow pads.

Example of putting on a hemet

Here under you will find a list with key tips:

  • Wear protective equipment like a helmet

  • Ride slow

  • Keep your electric scooter in shape

  • Avoid bad weather

  • Defensive riding

  • Ride slow

  • Avoid gravel, debris, and uneven surfaces

Riding at Night

Riding at Night can also cause dangerous situations with limited visability. Consider always being a scooter that has a light.

These days most electric scooters should have one when you buy one. However, if you don’t see one buy one extra!

Example of night time scooters
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Facts and Research:

These are some of the reasons why people actually suffer head and neck injuries if they happen to fall down while riding it.

Most of these injuries come from people not having suitable gear to wear on a E Scooter. Furthermore, people haven’t built up many riding hours and haven’t gotten comfortable yet with a lot of situations they might encounter on the road.

As per the U.S. consumer Product Safety Commission, over 10 years, more than 100,000 people suffered various types of injuries in relation to using the E Scooter between the period of Jan 2009 till Dec 2019. This is an astounding number coming from a type of vehicle or a transport that is not even considered as a conventional transport by many.

E Scooters use leading to injury

Usually, 28% of the injuries reported in the above mentioned cases, were more serous types involved either head or neck injuries. Based on the data, we can conclude that there is either a shortage of general knowledge that people have about E Scooters and how unsafe they can be to travel or people simply do not take them as seriously as they should without using protective gear!

Furthermore, while riding such a transport many people consider themselves free from any traffic laws as they do not consider this a regular form of transport if any. Therefore, they tend to take more risks and avoid general traffic rules that anybody should follow.

This tends to put them in dangerous circumstances where it’s not easy for them to avoid a head on collision either by incoming bicycles, bikes, cars or any other objects that could come up their way.

Staying Safe

To conclude, cars and motorbikes in general, have good suspension and even bicycles have some level of suspension that can help people go through curbs, potholes without any problems.

E Scooters on the other hand, hardly have anything to prevent any type of suspension and proper brakes that can help people navigate through such obstacles with ease. So these type of situations can pose some risk.

Considering the pros and cons of using an E Scooter, one would be lead to believe that there are many disadvantages of using the E Scooter that outweigh the benefits being provided by them. Making them an unsafe device to use more often than not.

However, with the right protective gear, careful riding, and choosing a safe and certified scooter you are vastly reducing the chance of serious injury!

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