Best electric scooter locks [how to choose + how to lock your scooter]

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

Electric scooters can be more difficult to secure, as they don’t have the natural triangular frame that a bike has.

Instead of this the scooter will have a short folding limb that is thinner than the deck and wheel.

This is often the only place where you can secure an e-scooter.

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Lock types that can protect electric scooters

Due to the differing shapes of electric scooters, there’s no definitive answer to this question.

  • Some chain locks will protect one scooter, but not another.

Others will not protect any. While there are some specific U-locks and cuff locks that are nearly universal fitting, it’s always worth checking the measurements of each lock.

Chain locks

These types of locks are some of the most secure for electric scooters or bicycles.

They are more difficult to cut through than any other lock type.

That is down to the strength of the metal it’s made of, as well as the loose nature of the chain making it harder to saw through without damaging the bike.

These are excellent choices for bikes and some e-scooters, but be aware that if the chain is too loose, it will not secure most e-scooters, as the lock needs to be tight to the scooter’s folding limb.

Some chains can be wrapped around the limb twice for tightness, but this technique does not always work.

Cuff locks

These are an excellent choice for an E-scooter, as the cuff design, originally for a criminal’s wrist, works perfectly to hold the scooter’s folding limb tightly, while also incorporating a chain aspect to connect the cuffs.

One limitation to these types of locks is that the object you are locking to, must be a thin object like a pole.


U-locks, sometimes known as D-locks are a secure and practical type of lock that is simple and easy to use and store.

They are arguably easier for a thief to saw through without damaging the bike than a chain lock, however more difficult to cut through than a cable lock.

Also, they are more likely to fit tightly to the limb than a chain lock, although you will have to do your own measurements, as it’s dependent on the size of the e-scooter’s limb, wheel and deck.

Wearable chain locks

Some locks have taken a step into the realm of fashion accessories. These wearable locks can be striking in bold colours or they can be subtle and stylish.

The important thing is that security is not compromised for looks. They are a variety of chain and cable locks, so they’re naturally very safe and go up to gold and diamond ratings.

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Folding locks

Again, some will simply be too loose fitting to offer any security, however if appropriately sized, the folding lock can be a neat portable solution that offers good protection up to gold. These locks will fit nicely in any bag

Alternative lock types for electric scooters (use them rarely or never)

If you purchase you the Zero X10 e-scooter, you might want to invest in the optional zero fast charger instead of using the complimentary charger which it comes with.

Although comes with a 60V21Ah Samsung battery with an optimum range of up to 60mph, this battery must be charged for 10 to 12 hours to work at its optimum. The Zero fast Charger only needs to be charged for seven hours.

Cable locks and security ties

The cable locks are less difficult to defeat through force, such as a hacksaw or cable cutter, but are much more portable, and easy to wrap around any object you wish to lock.

These kinds of locks are fantastic for a quick dash into the shops.

Another type of lock, that are only really suited to short and low risk outings, are the tie locks.

These are very thin, but reinforced cable ties that are about as low security a device as you can get.

They are super portable and super easy to use, but even the lock and key system is universal, so these are not for major cities or high footfall areas.

Disc locks

These fit to the disc brakes on the wheel of an e-scooter or bike, so you must have a disc brake to use this option.

The brake lock adds an audible anti theft alarm, as well as a physical protection. It works best as a secondary protection measure alongside a more sturdy physical lock.

Ring locks

This beast comes with a twin suspension double hydraulic system that supports both road handling and the ride quality too.

The shock absorbers allow relative motion so that the rider can navigate through heavy potholes and bumps without a hitch.

It’s possible though that the suspension may be a bit on the soft side. It makes the scooter slightly dodgy when you’re riding at breakneck speed on rough roads.

Grip locks

Handle grip locks protect the brake lever and brake switch. In this way the e-scooter can’t be ridden off, as the throttle won’t give any power.

These types of locks, like the disc locks, often come with alarm features as well as the throttle cut off.

Best small chain lock (great security, more portable) – Kryptonite Evolution 1016 Mini

Excellent size for a lot of scooters, while also being conveniently portable and extremely secure.

The Sold Secure rating on this one is gold. As they say, it’s not the size of the chain, it’s how long it takes a thief to saw through it.

Best value chain lock (strong security, good price) – AXA Cherto Compact

Excellent value medium range chain lock with gold sold secure standard.

9mm chain diameter, 90mm width and 950mm length, so not overly long or thick, which will hopefully allow a double wrap around the folding limb or a comfortable fit to a tree.

Best wearable chain lock – LITELOK GO

For scooters this model of the new LITELOK range is a fantastic option, as the liteweight, and stylish design will go with any scooter and will match its design with its security, offering a commendable silver Sold Secure rating, which is not top end, but often all that you’ll need.

The lock comes in a range of sizes, the small being perfect for fitting tightly around a folding limb, and also slotting into a satchel, or backpack.

Best U-lock for electric scooters (strong security, good portability, less flexibility) – Kryptonite New York LS Fahgeddaboudit

The only sold secure diamond rated lock on our list, this U lock is one of the strongest options, if not the strongest on the scooter market.

It’s simply very hard to cut through and for this reason thieves will likely not attempt to cut through these locks. If you have a high value scooter this U lock is as good as any at protecting it.

At 2KG it’s not lightweight, but lighter than most chains and much more portable.

The lock comes in three different shackle sizes, all of 18mm thickness.

Best cable lock for electric scooters (most convenient, least secure) – Burg Wachter Sterling 12mm Cable

These cables are simply the best on the market, as the only cables to achieve a silver Sold Secure rating.

They have two loops on each end, coming in handy when locking with U locks and chain locks.

Great choice for a mid range scooter that will be easy to lock to any fastening.

What is the absolutely safest way to lock an electric scooter?

If you think that your scooter could be targeted then you’d want good physical protection, as well as other theft deterrents, like alarms and secondary locks.

The longer it will take a thief to get through your locks, the safer it is.

Therefore, something like the Fahgettaboudit U lock by Kryptonite placed around the folding limb, combined with a very loud alarm disc lock, such as the 100dB ABUS Detecto 8008 will offer a two pronged defence, strong enough to beat or deter almost any thief.

If you want still more protection, combine this with a Kryptonite chain to double the time it would take the crook.


We’ve talked about some of the strongest ways to secure a scooter, and that is what it’s all about, ensuring your scooter is secure and doesn’t end up in the hands of a thief.

Even in small villages it’s always best to secure your scooters and ensure that you have the right systems in place that fulfill your needs.

All of these solutions can be effective if they’re matched to the right vehicle and as long as you know your vehicle will be protected, it’s about personal preference and what works for you.