Best electric scooter for Heavy adults

You’ve seen the electric scooter craze. You’ve seen everyone and their friends zipping around town on them.

You’ve decided you want to get on board and join the fun way of getting around town….only thing is you’re worried your weight will prevent you joining in on the action.

Don’t worry, we are here today to talk about two electric scooters that aren’t as flimsy and enjoy the task of bringing heavy adults around for a scooter driver!

Sounds interesting? Great, let’s dive in!

Choosing a form-fitting electric scooter

We all know the importance of choosing a form-fitting electric scooter.

If you’re a heavy rider, choosing a wrong electric scooter size may often result in problems with poor posture.

Unfortunately, if you’re heavy person then you might have a challenging time finding an option that suits your riding needs.

But the good news is, we’ve compiled a detailed guide highlighting everything you need to know about choosing an the best electric scooter for the heavy riders.

We have divided the best electric scooters for heavy adults into subcategories. This will make it much easier for you to find the right one for your needs in the different categories:

GoTrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

First option to choose from for scooter riders on the heavier side of the scale is the Go Trax Xr Elite.

Last year the infamous Go Trax XR Elite was released and it was ranked among many as one of the best budget scooters available to purchase due to its outstanding price to range ratio. It offers a 26.7 kilometer ESG tested range because of the 281wh electron-sipping motors. All of this at a cost of around $369!!


It has powerful performance featuring a 300W motor. This allows the scooter to reach speeds of 15.5mph! With the big battery capacity it allows the scooter to achieve up to 18.6 Miles before needing a charge.

Breaking system

Safety is also top notch with the DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM. The two 8.5” air filled tires make the ride over rough road or even bumpy terrains easy!

This model also includes an upgraded headlight allowing for more viability in low light conditions.

Here is a short table with the core specifications!

Specifications Value
Tested Max. Speed: Approx. 15.5 mph
Tested Range: 18.6-miles
Net Weight Approx. 49.79 Pounds
Max Rider weight: 220-pounds
Charging Time: Approx. 7.5 h
Max. Slope: 20%
Atmosphere Light: Colorful Atmospheric Lights
Riding Modes: Speed limit, Standard, Sport
Compatible with Seat

[250-300-Pound Weight Limit]

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter

Our second choice for adult electric scooter enthusiasts on the heavier side is the Hiboy Titan. Higboy is renowned for producing some top tier best-selling scooters on the market and this is no different.

The new line of Titan electric scooters has taken the scene by storm. This machine is known to be fast and dependable all while garnering a sleek design that will make you stand out wherever you go.



This electric scooter comes equipped with a hefty 800W brushless DC motor giving it enough punch to produce a top speed of 40km/h. Not only that but it can gobble up hills with 20-degree inclines. Range won’t be an issue either with this machine due to its massive 48V 12.5AH battery that will go up to 45km on a single charge.

Sturdy Frame

This scooter’s compact sturdy frame is what makes it perfect for heavier adult riders due to the strength it gains from such a composition. Additionally the 10-inch anti-skid tyres that work alongside the full suspension make it perfect for a comfortable ride with a heavier person aboard.

You can also be assured the scooter will be able to efficiently stop in time carrying heavier weight riders with the Hiboy boasting a powerful dual-braking system.

Anti-slip stand deck

Another feature we like about this electric scooter for heavier riders is its extra-large anti-slip stand deck. If you thought how on earth could there possibly be anything more this machine can deliver you would be wrong.

We have one last little feature this scooter includes which makes it perfect for nighttime use too and that’s its bright headlight and taillight.

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