Electric Scooter Lights – A Simple Guide

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

If your electric scooter is your main form of transportation, or even just your favourite toy, it’s crucial to ride with adequate visibility.

Especially if you’ll be using it at night, understanding the lights you need for night riding is important.

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Main Headlights

The Most Important Light for Riding at Night

Can be found:

  • At the top of the stem, usually on the handlebars,
  • At the base of the stem, or
  • In the deck.
  • Angle of the Light

Sharper angle:

  • Pointed downward
  • Shows immediately in front of you
  • Not good for driving fast
  • Not as visible to others

Wider angle:

  • Pointed flatter to the ground
  • See greater distance
  • Not great for weaker beams

Power of the Light

The power of the light directly affects your ability to see in front of you. With a weaker beam you won’t be able to see as far ahead.

A stronger light allows you to see further ahead, but can be a real drain on battery life.

Distance of the Light

The distance of the light dictates how far ahead of you you’re able to see. The more powerful the light, the further in front of you that will be visible.

Brake Lights

Warn People You’re Braking and Increase visibility.

Can be found:

  • In the deck,
  • On the stomp brake, or
  • On the back of the rear fender.

They come in two variations; traditional red or orange, and can

  • Blink on and off, or
  • Show consistently.

Turn Signals

Electric scooters don’t commonly have turn signals yet.

In equipped models, turn signals can most often be found:

  • On either side of the handlebars, or
  • At the base of the stem.

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LED Strips

Show Personality and Increase Visibility

  • Can be found:
  • Along the sides of the deck,
  • Underneath the deck, or
  • Along the stem

Reflective Stickers

Increase Visibility

Can be found:

  • The sides of wheels,
  • The sides of the deck,
  • the stem, or
  • the fenders

can come in:

  • Orange,
  • Yellow, or
  • White

Why Do Most Electric Scooters Have Poor Lighting?

The most common reasons electric scooters don’t have good lighting are:

Electric scooters are not meant for night riding.

Powerful lights drain a battery quickly.

Strong lights are not standard on a scooter.

Riding Your Electric Scooter at Night

Most manufacturers urge against riding your scooter at night, so lights that discourage this are not surprising.

If you plan to use your scooter at night, there are some tips and tricks to help keep you safe;

  • Use the same common sense you would during the day.
  • Check your local night-ride laws before you go out.
  • Invest in reflective patches or belts you can fasten onto your clothing.
  • Bring a charged cell phone and know what your options for getting home safe are.
  • Be aware of where you are and how visible you are. If you can’t see without your headlights, other people can’t see you.
  • Modulate your speed.

Electric Scooter Lights and the Battery

Powerful headlamps drain the battery quickly, increasing the frequency of charges and decreasing riding times.

Expectations for Electric Scooter Lights

Because night riding is specifically discouraged, powerful lights that are good for night riding are not automatically included.

After-market lights can also easily be purchased and added on, at no cost to the manufacturer.

Traffic Laws for Electric Scooter Lights and Night Rides

Each city has their own laws regarding electric scooters.

The best course of action is to check with your local authorities about electric scooter laws in your area. They’ll know best, and may even be able to give you guidance.

Defects of Electric Scooter Lights

Defects in electric scooter lights are common in cheaper models. Defects where the light slowly disappears are rare; your light will most often simply die. Instead of costly repairs, it may be more cost-effective to buy all-new lights.

Upgrades, Customizations, and After-Market Lights for Electric Scooters

Powerful lights are the most common customization for bikes. If you choose to buy more powerful lights, make sure they are compatible with the voltage of your scooter, and pay special attention to the charging method and connectivity.

Best Aftermarket Lights for Electric Scooters

Main headlights- NightRider Lumina 850 Front Light

The headlight will illuminate as much as a standard car headlight, and is USB rechargeable.

Brake Lights- Cygolite Hypershot 350 Lumens Tail Light

This tail light comes with 7 night and daytime modes, and is USB rechargeable.

Turn Signals- Kokoin Bike Tail Light

It may say for bikes, but this cool signal light works well for electric scooters as well, and comes with a remote.

LED Strips- Foxsk Strip Light 2 Pack

This 2 pack comes in at the perfect size for the sides of a deck, and is colour changing with multiple modes for steady or strobe lights.

Reflective Stickers- Gotoone Reflective Tape Safety Stickers

These reflective stickers come in a variety of colors, and are an extremely inexpensive way of staying safe.

Total Pack- Shred Lights Scooter Night Ops Pack

A total set of lights -helmet, headlight, and tail light- along with a USB charging kit and helmet and bar mounts.

Best Fun Lights- Board Blazers Disco Scooter Light

A wrap-around light that can be added to your handlebars, this light is a funky fresh option to add a pop of colour to your headlight.

Can I Add Bike Lights to My Electric Scooter?

Bike lights can be found for much cheaper than electric scooter lights and in a much wider array of options. These bike lights are frequently found on electric scooters.

Electric Scooters With Best Lights

The most cost-effective option for getting an electric scooter with lights is to buy the model that you like the most, and purchase lights for it afterward. This allows you to customize your scooter.

Electric Scooters With Best Lights for Kids

Electric scooters for children don’t normally come with lights because they want to discourage night use.

The best options for children’s scooters are Razor scooters. While they have two models with lights, they are meant for much younger children.

It is much more cost-effective to purchase the proper scooter for your child’s age and purchase after-market lights that can customize the scooter.

When choosing lights for your electric scooter, it’s important to consider needs and use them carefully. Make sure to always be aware of battery life and riding times, and have fun!