Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

Have you ever wondered how you can make your electric scooter go faster?

Here are 14 tips to help you make your electric scooter go a lot faster.

Following are the ways you can make your electric scooter run faster in a safe and easy way.

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Make sure your scooter is fully unlocked, and you are in the fastest mode (risk-free)

You might not be able to enjoy the full speed of your electric scooter because you have either not completed the setup correctly or have not unlocked the fastest possible mode. The first risk-free way to make your electric scooter run more quickly is to ensure that your scooter is fully opened to its fastest method.

You may unlock the fastest mode by setting up the scooter app.

You can also manually select the quickest mode of your scooter by tapping the power button on the screen twice or three times.

Charge your battery to 100% (risk-free)

Poor charging of the battery will reflect the speed of your electric scooter.

When the battery is nearly depleted, many scooters go into power-saving mode, which will lower the storm’s rate.

You can make sure that you charge your scooter 100% by taking help from the scooter charge time guide or the scooter charge time calculator.

Turn off the lights and other components that drain the battery (risk-free)

By turning off extra and unnecessary lights of your scooter, you can save your electric scooter’s battery, hence improving its maximum speed.

Reduce the load (risk-free)

The less weight your scooter has to pull, the faster it will travel. Therefore, you can expect your maximum speed to increase if you reduce excess weight.

Clean the wheels (risk-free)

If you try the above-written suggestions and still notice that your scooter is not running at its maximum speed, it might be due to some hindrance in the wheels. First, make sure that the wheels are clean and well lubricated.

Add the second battery if your scooter supports this option (risk-free)

The performance of the scooter is directly proportional to the availability of voltage. So if your scooter is compatible, it is a good idea to add in a second battery to increase its maximum speed.

Renew your battery (risk-free)

If you have been using your scooter for a while, you might notice that its maximum speed has decreased.

This decrease is due to the worn-out condition of its battery. An average scooter has a battery life of between 2 and 3 years. Consider getting it renewed for better speed.

Remove the speed limit (modifying)

You can remove the speed limit of your scooter by either installing custom firmware or physically removing the speed limiter.

If your scooter does not support firmware, you will most likely need to remove the speed limiter physically.

Risks of removing the speed limits

Using extra speed on your scooter can be an accident hazard. Also, removing the speed limits on your electric scooter may be unlawful in some jurisdictions.

Before doing this, check the local regulations to determine the maximum speed. If you exceed the permitted maximum speed, you may need to register as a road vehicle.

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Upgrade your controller, if it’s the limiting factor (modifying)

The motor of your scooter might be able to support higher voltages, but controllers limit that, decreasing the maximum speed. Upgrading your controller can fix it.

Electric Scooter Lights and the Battery

Powerful headlamps drain the battery quickly, increasing the frequency of charges and decreasing riding times.

Expectations for Electric Scooter Lights

Because night riding is specifically discouraged, powerful lights that are good for night riding are not automatically included.

After-market lights can also easily be purchased and added on, at no cost to the manufacturer.

Add an extra battery, even if your scooter doesn’t come prepared for this (modifying)

You usually connect the new battery to the old one when adding an extra battery, referred to as tying the batteries in series.

Extra batteries increase the overall voltage output, increasing the maximum speed.

Upgrade your battery (modifying)

Upgrading your battery helps with better voltage supply, thus increasing the scooter’s speed. First, however, make sure that other parts of your scooter are compatible with that higher voltage.

Battery optimization risks

Make sure that your motor and controller can work with the high voltages of the upgraded battery; otherwise, it can damage your scooter.

How to know if your motor and controller will support a more robust or an extra battery

Check the voltage limit of your controller and motor. Do not choose something too close to the limit as it might blow a fuse, but it is safe to go 10 to 15V lower.

Change the sprockets (advanced, only in chain-drive scooters)

If you add various sprockets on a chain-drive scooter, you can make it faster. However, it can lead you to lose the warranty of your scooter. It is an advanced modification, and it is wise to choose a professional to get it done,

Clean the motor (advanced)

Dirt, dust, and grease buildup tend to lower the efficiency of your scooter. Getting your scooter’s motor professionally cleaned can help elevate its speed.

Rewind your motor (advanced)

Rewinding is more of an expensive option, but it can help. It includes adjusting the copper wire density, the motor’s magnets, the number of twists in the wire, etc.

How much can faster can I make my electric scooter?

You can elevate your scooter’s speed up to 15 mph / 25 kph by taking the ways mentioned above.

Should you increase your scooter speed?

There are a few demerits you must keep in mind while trying to speed up your scooter. These include law restrictions and the compromise in the safety of the rider.