Nanrobot X4 Hands on Review

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

The Nanrobot X4 is an electric scooter but is it worth buying? What features does the Nanrobot X4 have?

Is it good for commuting?

This review of the Nanrobot X4 will answer all of those questions and more.

Nanrobot X4

Nanrobot X4 is great for short commutes

This reasonably priced commuting scooter is a great electric scooter. It can get you to where you are going fast.

The Nanrobot X4 is great for short commutes like going to school, the office, or running errands. This electric scooter boasts a rear 350-watt motor that helps it reach top speeds of 20 miles per hour.

There is also a way to change speeds depending on the road surface or personal preference.


  • Can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour
  • Decent ride quality
  • Different speed modes
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • Easy folding capabilities
  • Waterproof LCD display and controls
  • Shorter charging time
  • Powerful battery
  • Inaccurate speedometer readings


  • Headlight not bright enough
  • No low battery indicator
  • The handlebar can come loose over time
  • Brakes not responsive


The Nanrobot X4 is a lightweight and foldable scooter. It is easy to transport. The handlebars also fold for easy storage. Because it is so lightweight, the Nanorobot X4 is easy to carry downstairs, to the train, bus, or lift to put in the back of your vehicle.


The 8-inch front pneumatic tires mean you will have a smooth riding experience. The Nanrobot X4 has excellent traction on all surfaces. The front suspension system makes for a smooth and comfortable ride.


The controls are easy to reach and give you complete control over the scooter while still keeping your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road. The right side of the scooter has the accelerator, ignition, and LCD display unit.

Commuter scooter

The Nanrobot X4 is a great commuter scooter. Many people even add on a seat for added comfortability. This scooter also has good speed, power, and range.

The Nanrobot X4 is a high-quality electric scooter made from durable aluminum alloy. Although the scooter has good ride quality, it is unsuitable for long commutes.

Nanrobot X4 portable

Performance Overview

The 350-watt motor can get the rider to 20 miles per hour safe and fast. The scooter doesn’t require as much power as other electric scooters like the D4.

The D4 has a huge and heavy battery. This high-performance motor allows for fast acceleration and can climb slopes up to 14 degrees.

Top Speed Acceleration

The maximum speed of the Nanrobot X4 is 20 miles per hour. This speed ensures a short and safe commute.

Intense riders may not enjoy riding the Nanrobot X4. The average rider will have a thrilling experience, though. This electric scooter is a perfect scooter when looking to cut down on commuting travel time.


The acceleration of this scooter is not dangerous but still makes for a fun ride. If you are an average rider, you will still manage to have an exciting time. Remember to always wear protective equipment when using an electric scooter.

Battery Life and Range

Powered by a 36V 10.4 Ah lithium battery, the Nanorobot X4 can charge in just four to six hours. The Nanrobot X4 also has a 25-mile travel range. The short charge time means you can set your scooter during the workday, and it will be ready to ride at the end of the day. This powerful battery makes the scooter sustainable and cost-efficient.

Motor Configuration

Unlike other electric scooters, which use dual motors, the Nanrobot X4 uses a single motor. Having just one motor reduces the overall weight.

The Nanrobot X4 can go much longer on a much smaller and lighter battery. This electric scooter can also sustain slopes of up to 14 degrees.

Nanrobot X4 tires

Construction/Build Quality

The light foldable design of the Nanrobot X4 makes it portable and durable. The frame is made from durable aluminum alloy.

The aluminum alloy is surprisingly lightweight and stable. You can feel the quality of this scooter as well as see it. It is a high-quality product.


The Nanrobot X4 has a very active suspension. The scooter’s front wheel is equipped with shock absorbers to improve your ride. These shock absorbers improve the ride by absorbing the bumps on the road.

There is no rear suspension. The front covers both brakes. The one rear brake makes it easier to control even when driving at high speeds.

Ride Quality

The Nanrobot has an outstanding ride quality. This stable scooter has a weight requirement of 264 pounds. The 8-inch tires are quality, and the 350-watt motor makes it feel like you are gliding. If you’re searching for a great electric scooter, the Nanrobot should meet all of your requirements.


The Nanrobot X4 has an efficient braking system. The rear drum brake can make timely and quick stops.


This folding scooter is highly compact and weightless. It might just be the most portable electric scooter you will find.

It isn’t ideal for carrying long distances, but it is light enough to carry up and down stairs or to a vehicle. The Nanrobot X4 also stores compactly under a desk or table.

Nanrobot X4 front


The Nanrobot X4 has both front and rear LED lights. The LED lights are bright and do an excellent job lighting the street.

The scooter can illuminate up to 75 degrees in front of it. If you want, you can even fit different front LED lights onto your Nanrobot X4.


According to Nanrobot, their 8-inch tires are explosion-proof. The front-wheel are pneumatic tires made from high-grade rubber.

The rear tires are very durable and require minimal maintenance. These tires make for a smooth and comfortable ride.


The deck is made from bamboo. It is wide and made from the hard-wearing grip tape. The Nanrobot’s deck is also spacious yet strong enough to support 264 pounds.

The expansive deck means you can ride either side comfortably by side or heel to toe.

Controls Display

The left side of the Nanrobot X4 features the on/off button, the horn button, and the rear brake lever.

All controls are within reach. The on/off switch also doubles as an emergency stop. There is also a USB phone charging port to charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

Water Resistance

The Nanrobot X4 is safe to ride in a light rain shower.

he display is waterproof, so you will not have to worry about it getting destroyed. It is never advisable to ride your electric scooter in heavy rains or snow.

Nanrobot X4

Reliability/Warranty/Customer Support

The Nanrobot X4 is a reliable, high-performance electric scooter.

The powerful motor allows for outstanding acceleration. The Nanrobot X4 is very lightweight and highly portable.

You will always have a comfortable ride when riding on a Nanrobot X4. The 8-inch durable tires help with shock absorption.

The scooter’s short charging capabilities and extended range make it highly reliable for short distances. It is an excellent scooter to ride to and from school.

The frame of the Nanrobot has a two-year warranty. There is a one-year warranty on the motor and a 180-day warranty on the battery.


Since the handlebars fold, you want to ensure you are maintaining them. Wear and tear can occur.

Always keep your Nanrobot X4 clean and free from debris, so you do not clog the motor and brakes. Keep the battery charged even when not in use.

Known Issues

Known issues of the Nanrobot X4 are:

  • It lacks a front brake and rear suspension, making it less comfortable and unsafe.
  • There is not a low battery indicator.
  • The headlights can go dim, meaning low visibility.
  • The handlebars may loosen with time and affect balance.