Go Green: Top 3 Adult Electric Scooters

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

Electric scooters are an efficient alternative to public transport, and their emission-free design makes them eco-friendly as well.

Not to forget, electric scooters are far cheaper than owning a car.

The only concern of most people is safety and developing appropriate scooter-riding skills.

If you’re in the market, looking for some of the top brands and companies, we can help. Here’s a list of the top 3 adult electric scooters in the market at present.

Go Green Top 3 Adult Electric Scooters

TurboAnt X7 Pro

As the top option on our list, you will find this amazing electric scooter edition topping the lists at several places.

This is because the TurboAnt X7 Pro electric scooter is one of a kind and has never failed to impress users and potential customers: even when they’re just viewing.

You should know that the production of this e-scooter has affected the trend of eco-friendly transportation positively.

When it comes to the overall best, TurboAnt X7 Pro is a beast that can take over any other best-performing scooter.

TurboAnt X7 Pro

Different features

There are numerous features of the TurboAnt X7 Pro that seem to attract a ton of customers.

One of the first things that you should know about this electric scooter is that it can travel over a whopping 30-mile mark with a single full charge.

Since the battery easily detaches from the scooter, you can charge it anywhere you like without actually handling the scooter with it.

Off-road capabilities

Being slightly suitable for off-road journeys, the smooth and pneumatic tires have a relatively longer lifespan than most other competing electric scooters in the market.

TurboAnt X7 Pro has large-tube 1-0-inch tires that let you travel seamlessly whether it’s cold, hot, dry, or even wet.

Let’s not forget that while it can cover a whopping distance of 30 miles per charge, it can go up to 20 miles an hour as well!

Unagi Model One

Unagi is one of the most spectacular electric motor producers in the industry that you can’t ignore.

In simple words, the Unagi Model One is an electric scooter that most beginners and experts tend to go with without any hesitation.

You must know that this 250-watt motors-powered electric scooter is simply one of the best products you’ll decide upon in the market. Don’t forget that a single high-power motor allows this e-scooter to zip across long distances more efficiently than others.

Unagi Model One

Range Distance

It typically has a distance range of 15 miles, but that can drop down as well when you are using both motors.

A loud electric horn makes it super-easy to alert any upcoming drivers or nearby pedestrians, while the sleek design makes it super-comfortable to maneuver.

From taillights and headlights to brakes, this e-scooter is a complete package to help you make a habit of an eco-friendly commute. The sleek design usually comprises carbon-fiber front posts and features geometrical patterning and shapes across the body.

Even when driving at night, you will feel safe knowing that the display gives your e-scooter high visibility on roads.

This electric scooter can reach high speeds of 20 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the maximum weight it can hold is 275 lbs.

Apollo Explore

Without any ado, we would like to confirm that this is one of the fastest electric scooters out there in the market. You will find various options in the e-scooter market, but when it comes to reaching your destination quickly, this electric scooter will help you realize your dreams.

The Apollo Explore is a fast e-scooter that reaches top speeds of over 31 miles per hour. You can stay on track to track the local traffic with this beefy-motor e-scooter.

Apollo Explore


It has a dual suspension configuration, allowing you to use the air-filled tires to the best: uphill climbing (not extremely steep).

The suspension uniquely assists top-speed performance by ensuring a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

It weighs around only 52 lbs. and has gone up to 35 miles per hour in some instances! A key ignition lock and distance range of nearly 39 miles makes it a perfect long-day companion for a green journey.

TurboAnt X7 Pro

Conclusion: Best Electric Scooter

Silicon Valley has had its fair share of electric scooters and other electrical amenities that let them go from one office end to another.

Now, it’s time for everyday people to start adopting the use of highly reliable and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation.

When you want to zip across your home to the office, one of the most efficient ways will remain to be an electric scooter.