So you are interested to know what time do lime scooters turn off?

You haven’t heard of Lime Scooter!?!

Don’t worry, if you’ve just stumbled onto this article and are unsure what lime scooters are let us briefly explain before diving further in.

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Lime scooter at Night

Introduction to Lime Scooters

Lime Scooters otherwise known as Lime-S scooters are electric scooters customers can rent by

the minute and park safely back close to their destination in order to to return them.

They have the capability to travel up to 15 miles per hour for roughly 20 miles. These little

machines are a fantastic form of transportation for any city exploration or commuters looking to

get to work on time and in an economical way.

Easily locating

You can easily locate, pick up and rent the shared Lime Scooters at (spoiler!) any time of day or

night no matter the weather, hail, rain or shine. A fantastic last minute option for any commuting


They sound great right? So, what do you need to know about Lime Scooters? Let’s have a look


Lime scooter at Night 2


Common Questions about Lime Scooters

Now that we’re all caught up on what exactly lime scooters are, let’s take a look at the most

common things people ask when using these nifty machines.

How to turn off light on lime scooter?

Struggling to figure out how to turn the light off on a lime scooter?

Don’t fret people, we got you covered.

If the Lime Scooters headlights and brake lights haven’t turned off after you’ve left it in the drop

zone it is simply a gentle reminder that you haven’t locked it yet.

In order to lock your scooter, simply park it at one of the parking pins that indicate preferred

parking spaces and tap ‘Lock’ on your phone to end the trip. Easy as some delicious lemon pie!!

How long can you pause a lime scooter?

You can pause your ride so that another person cannot use your vehicle. However, you will be charged per minute while your ride is paused.

In order to stop being charged for your ride, you will need to tap “End Ride”. This will in return end the ride for another user to be used.

So you’re a bit of a night owl or just want to feel the cool night breeze while zooming around

your city on your Lime Scooter. BUT before you do, you might ask yourself, what time do lime

scooters turn off?

What time do lime scooters turn off?

Technically speaking Lime Scooters do not switch off.

Woah there, before you rush off into the night with this info it is worth noting that although they may not technically turn off they become ‘harvestable’ at 9p.m.

Essentially, this means at 9p.m they become eligible for chargers to pick them up, making it so sometimes difficult to find a Lime Scooter after 9p.m.

Don’t let this burst your nighttime bubble though, the Lime company states the Scooters are available 24/7, it just may be slightly harder to find one in our experience.

How do lime bikes charge?

As much as I wish there was a small magician that zapps his wand at the scooters to magically charge them in the night, how Lime Scooters actually charge is far more simple and boring than I’d hoped (maybe next time!).

A local team of employees and independent contractors called Lime Juicers keep an eye on the Lime Scooters.

The ‘Juicers’ spring into action and pick the scooters up whenever they see that they’re very low on charge or completely flat. They then re-deploy the Lime Scooters back into the area all lovely freshly charged for the morning. If you need to know how much charge your Lime Scooter has, simply tap the Lime Scooter icon with the phone application. As stated previously Lime Scooters should have a maximum range of 20 miles.

Can you put a lime scooter in your car?

So you’ve explored every little nook and cranny of your local area on a Lime Scooter and now want to spread your wings and go further afield. You want to spread your wings and fly….or well…scoot in this case, however, can you put a lime scooter in your car you wonder?

The quick answer? Yes, as long as you unlock the scooter so the alarm won’t go off you may put the scooter in your car and bring it to another area.

Some points to note however are you may be charged a different rate for using the service in an “outside zone”.

Lime Juicers

Additionally, there may be limited Lime Juicers( the staff who collect and charge the scooters) available in that area so it might not get charged as frequently. To be on the side of caution it would be best to call up the Lime Scooter team designated to your locality to get the most accurate information about Lime Scooters in your specific area and where you can bring them.


Fantastic!! You Are Now a Knowledgeable Lime Scooter Guru

So there you have it, all the ins and outs about what a Lime Scooter is and how to use it. What

are you waiting for, head out and put your new knowledge to the test!!

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