Which scooter is best for a long drive? (2022)

Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

Electric scooters have appeared on the market for a long time, but this type of transport has gained wide popularity only in recent years. So, which scooter is best for a long drive?

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An electric scooter is a transport for which the future belongs since it does not need gasoline (that pollutes the air) to function.

The user is able to get from one point to another in a short time without spending a penny on fuel.

Driver’s license, registration is not required and it can be charged in a timely manner through a standard 220-volt outlet for driving.

An electric scooter is a means of transport for moving around the city, however, most people are worried about their range. In this article, we will have a close look at certain electric scooters that offer generous driving ranges.

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Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi’s electric scooters have become an increasingly common sight in most cities around the world, and their popularity is probably due to a combination of low price and a high sense of quality.


Directly from the box, it is quick to screw together the M365 Pro and you are up and running quickly.

For those of you who have previously rented an electric scooter in the city, the M365 Pro will feel like a real boost. It responds faster when you accelerate and you get significantly better acceleration.

You get off quickly after a stoplight and you often get to your point B faster than both cyclists and motorists in city driving.

You can easily get up on slopes with maintained speed, where you often have to help with muscle power with the rental scooters, and the braking system feels more than reliable.

Model Range Peak Power Battery Best For Price
Xiaomi M365 Pro 56 mi / 90 km 2400 W 1170 Wh Best under $2000 $1,895


With a 52V 22.5aH battery powered by LG cells, this model has an impressive range of 90 kilometres in a single charge.

All in all, Apollo Pro 52V gains our respects with both its customer-caring mentality, quality and range.

Dualtron X

Riding a Dualtron X is an experience that is different to any other eclectic scooter. Choosing the most aggressive mode and opening the throttle will feel like being launched from a trebuchet.

The immense power of this scooter translates into lightning acceleration that is almost addictive.


Model Range Peak Power Battery Best For Price
93 mi / 150 km 6700 W 2400 W 2940 Wh Longest range $5999


The rated power of the electric scooter is 6720 watts. It has four-wheel drive, 16 damping modes and hydraulic brakes installed on each of the 13-inch wheels. The maximum permissible load is up to 160 kg.

The Dualtron X uses a 48 Ah battery made by LG, which is enough for 150 km of travel.

Information about the operating mode, speed and remaining charge level is displayed on a small display mounted on the steering wheel.


For more convenient transportation, it is possible to fold the steering wheel, but you should take into account the considerable weight of the scooter – as much as 66.5 kg!

And there you have it! The top eScooters for your long journeys!