Written by Luke H.

Reviewed by Sander B.

A mega charged Zero 10X electric scooter with full steam of up to 40 mph (64km/hour) and a range of up to 60 miles (96km).

This Zero 10 X e- scooter will whip you along with above average ground clearance, maximum speed and phenomenal range. It offers performance at its best and it’s known for incredible power and ground holding ability that speaks for itself. You will want to check this out as its worth ogling over.

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Zero 10X – The Lowdown

This beast allows you to choose from three different battery capacities such as the 52V 18 Ah, the 52 V 23 Ah, and the 60 V 21 Ah.

The Zero 10X is the trendiest toy on the market.

  • It is fitted with a 1200w motor that offers optimal riding conditions.

It’s equipped with a solid welded stem, a large sturdy deck, Cadillac plush dual suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and handlebars that are a perfect fit for almost everyone.

The Zero X10 comes highly recommended as the choicest micro transportation to zoom around.

Zero 10X Pros and Cons


  • Max sized 10″ pneumatic tyres for supreme wheel balance
  • Hydraulic front and tail end disc brakes with instant and remarkable stopping power
  • Highly durable battery covering a mega range of up to 50 miles
  • Double spring suspension that navigates effortlessly over obstacles such as potholes, bumps and rough terrain
  • Wide, non-slip deck for comfort with a fixed sturdy stem for extra strength and ease


  • Its massive. It won’t perform with the same vigour towards the end of the ride
  • The stem fails to lock once its folded
  • If you you’re petite you may struggle because of the tall handlebar

Zero 10X Summary

The X10 is designed for elegance and style bearing in mind the striking charcoal and crimson colours. It’s a fuss free design that’s classy and not crassy.

The best part about this X10 e-scooter is its speed. It can easily maintain a top speed of 40mph with because of its dual hub brushless motor.

What more can you ask for?

  • This e-scooter comes with a 60V 21Ah Samsung battery.

It generally lasts for 50 miles on just one charge. I love that you can ride this baby after nightfall. There is sufficient lighting for this.

If you need to stop suddenly the rear and hydraulic disc brakes make it happen instantly. You will be able to hold on to this beast for a while, because it’s made from 6082 T6 aviation grade alloy, which is unsurpassed quality.

The X10 is sturdy yet light. The handlebars are built to last because of their extra set of rings for additional support. You can switch between two different modes. One is the eco and one the turbo.

Performance Overview

It’s obvious that this e scooter was designed specifically for rugged terrain.

Despite packing a punch outdoors, this baby will also outdo itself with urban cruising, because it’s equipped with a dual 1200 w motor which promises 2400w of output and a 3200w top performance.

This e-scooter is fitted with a motor of mighty power. Bear in mind that it’s controlled by 2 x 25 amp speed controllers, which have additional heat sinks that drop temperature swiftly.

The engines are automated via a massive battery that has endurance capacity for up to 60 miles, from one charge alone. If you’re a junky for speed, you’re going to love this because this scooter moves at a fascinating speed of 40mphh. (64km/h)

This X 10 e- scooter thrives on off road action. Its forceful motor won’t let you down on an uphill climb such as 45%- grade hills.

You got that right! It certainly won’t reduce its speed just because of an incline. You will be able to switch from gravel to mud to asphalt and back again without batting an eyelid.

Top Speed & Acceleration

If you’re a speed fanatic you will love that it moves at breakneck speed. It has twin motors to push your speed to a maximum while navigating through rough terrain or even flat roads and over potholes and inclines too.

This e-scooter can be compared to a luxury car, where you won’t even fathom how fast you were going until you are slapped with a speeding fine. It’s that comfortable.

The dual motors are 2400W and a maximum power of 3200W.

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Hill Climbing

Not many scooters are equipped to handle inclines and hills, but this monster dominates those mini hills oh so gracefully.

This should come as no surprise because it was manufactured for this purpose. It’s a one-of-a-kind scooter that was built to withstand a lot.

The X10 can hold an average sized rider and chug up a 45%- grade incline while maintaining a speed of 35mph. It’s ideal for a city/town with inclines.

Battery Life & Range

If you purchase you the Zero X10 e-scooter, you might want to invest in the optional zero fast charger instead of using the complimentary charger which it comes with.

Although comes with a 60V21Ah Samsung battery with an optimum range of up to 60mph, this battery must be charged for 10 to 12 hours to work at its optimum. The Zero fast Charger only needs to be charged for seven hours.

Motor Configuration

This e-scooter is fitted with a double brushless 1200W motor, churning out a maximum power of 2400W and reaches a pinnacle of 3200W. The Zero X10 has a maximum speed of 40mph (64km/h).

You can decide which mode you want to ride on. If you want to save power because you’re cruising flat terrain, stick to the eco mode or if you need to chug up a hill, use the Turbo mode. The turbo mode will instigate the dual motors so you can kill it up that hill.

Construction & Framework Quality

The Zero x10 ultra-fast with a mighty motor, durable battery and thick wide tyres. The frame is also built with the same premium quality as the rest of the scooter.

The shell is constructed from 6082-T6 aviation grade aluminium alloy.

While its built as strong as a bull, it is pretty light for something so bulky and sturdy. The encasement is made of high-quality plastic too.

You won’t have to worry about the weather elements doing damage to the battery because it’s encased in with a metal plate.

The T bar is manufactured to ensure that adults of all sizes are comfortable enough to rotate it as required. It’s possible though that some may find the handlebars to be a bit wide if they are cruising down a narrow street.


This beast comes with a twin suspension double hydraulic system that supports both road handling and the ride quality too.

The shock absorbers allow relative motion so that the rider can navigate through heavy potholes and bumps without a hitch. It’s possible though that the suspension may be a bit on the soft side.

It makes the scooter slightly dodgy when you’re riding at breakneck speed on rough roads.

Ride Quality

In comparison to every other scooter in the same category the Zero X10 brings you unparallel comfort. T

he wide deck space, awesome suspension system and incredible motor allows this e-scooter to navigate through rough terrain, with bumps potholes and inclines without any major issues.

The hydraulic disk brakes enable the scooter to come to a standstill immediately.

The controls were designed and placed thoughtfully. Riders may either love or hate that the stem is taller than other e-scooters.

The handlebars are also a bit wider than other similar scooters.


You will obviously want a great brake system with an e-scooter that has supercharged speed. It’s good to know that the hydraulic suspension allows the front and rear disc brakes to stop gracefully despite the savage speed of this monster.

Compared to other models, the Zero 10X has enough braking capabilities for it’s class.


It’s not exactly small and light even after its folded. It weighs around 34 kg’s so you can’t just lift it up effortlessly. It does take up some space because of its ultra-wide grips.

Do note that the stem doesn’t lock into place after you collapse it. Once its folded, it will fit into an average sized car trunk.


It comes with a decent set of lights for night navigation, but you can opt to purchase additional lighting for more illumination.

There are led lights in the front and brake lights on the deck, but they are not powerful enough for anyone who has issues with night vision.


This e-scooter is fitted with 10 x 3″ pneumatic air-filled tyres so its reliable on any road. The suspension and shock system was created specifically for these tyres, thus the balance is superb absorbing the shock efficiently.


The Zero 10 X deck can accommodate both feet together. This means that you won’t have to keep one foot behind the other, the way you’re expected to do with most scooters because of a narrow deck.

Get this, you have a deck space that is 48.8 x 22.9 cm wide, which is ideal for longer rides.

Controls & Display

The cutting-edge controls were designed to fit beautifully onto the t.bar, without compromising on comfort.

What’s more is that they were designed for efficiency enabling you to view your speed, travel distance, voltage mileage and battery level too.

You will also be able to switch to either of the two modes from the t,bar.

The brakes are placed on the left handlebar for convenience.

There is a built-in safety lock beneath the dashboard too.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The manufacturers of the Zero X10 scooter, outdid themselves when they developed this e-scooter. It’s an elite e-scooter on the market right now, judging from the numerous amounts of satisfied customers.

There is just one schlep though. if you expect after sales customer support you won’t get any help there from Titan/Unicool.


Manufacturers claim that they have used a minimum amount of screws to secure this micro vehicle.

If you do a spot check of the tyres and the pressure for punctures, making sure that you check the tube as well. The scooter will last you longer if its well-kept and cleaned regularly. If you notice a lag. It’s advisable to replace the battery.

  • Accessories & Upgrades
  • Zero Seat Post
  • Zero fast Charger
  • Extra Front Lights
  • Protective Gear
  • 10 x 3- Inch Off Road Tyre and Tube

Known Issues

As mentioned above, the only issue with this is that it doesn’t lock when it collapses which can be a bit of challenge if you want to carry this around.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Yes, undoubtedly. This is one of the best buys for an e-scooter of this calibre. It comes highly recommended for its swift speed, mighty motor, aesthetic design, sturdy shell and rugged core.

Why waste money on other pricier versions, when you can purchase the Zero X10 which offers superior specs?